How to Upload Documents into ChartCapture Charts

How to Upload Documents into ChartCapture Charts

This article is about importing documents into patient charts in ChartCapture. If you'd like to upload a file to share with our team, check out our tutorial on our secure File Share

Do you have a file you need to get into a patient’s chart?

Did you get a thumb drive full of files that need to go into charts?

Perhaps somebody sent you a box of CDs filled with patient files?

Don’t worry! It’s easy.

You won’t have to print out the files just to rescan them. Hey, we love the environment too!

We don’t need to use any more trees because we’ve got The Gear.

Click The Gear

Login to your ChartCapture website, open up a chart, and look for a little icon shaped like a gear.

See it? That’s where the advanced options hide. Click the gear to see more options.*

* Not seeing The Gear? Only users with higher permissions can manage charts in this way. Need these permissions? Ask your site administrator to change your user type


The one you want looks like a piece of paper - the "Add Pages" button. When you click that, you’ll be given the opportunity to choose files to upload.

Find your files, upload them using the "Upload" popup, and that's it– they’ll show up in the chart shortly! It's important to note that the documents will be inserted into whatever tab you're currently viewing. For instance, if you have some documents that need to go into the "Labs" tab, be sure you are viewing the "Labs" tab before you click the "Add Pages" button.