Viewing Charts from a Web Browser

Viewing Charts from a Web Browser

Once you have your documents uploaded and you’re ready to view them, log in to your personal ChartCapture Website ( Consult your documentation (or ask us) if you don’t know your address.

Once you have logged on to your account, you will see Patient Search, where you input a patient’s name, their DOB, and Account Number. After searching, select the patient’s name to open their chart.

Use the toolbar for various things, including printing. If you’re an Administrator, you have even more power by using the Utility Gear, which would appear on your toolbar along with the other buttons.

Want to learn more about it? We have a Tutorial.

If you’re a ChartCapture administrator, you’ll see a Gear Icon at the top of your screen. Clicking that takes you to the ChartCapture Manage Page, where you have the ability to manipulate the charts in various ways: reorder pages, remove pages, even move documents from one chart to another.

Want to learn more about the Gear and the Manage Page? We have a tutorial for that as well.

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