Solutions to Common Hiccups

Solutions to Common Hiccups

In a perfect world, every website loads quickly, computers always cooperate and scanners never break down.

However, occasionally there may be a hiccup– and that’s where the ChartCapture Support Team comes in.

We put together this collection of hiccups and steps you can take to solve them like a pro. Be the hero! Save the day!

The three most important things
1. Is the computer is connected to a working internet connection?
2. Are all the cables from the touchscreen plugged into the computer?
3. Are the computer and scanner both turned on?

1. Touchscreen is dark/black

  • Make sure the computer (the “Dell” box) is powered on and connected to the internet
  • Give it some time. If the computer is doing updates, it may be working hard behind the scenes even if you don’t see anything on the screen. With any luck, the computer will complete its updates within the hour and your screen will come back on!
  • Reboot the computer! An hour has passed and your screen is still black? Press the power button for just a moment; that tells the computer to turn off. Wait until all the lights turn off, give it another moment, then press the power button again to turn the computer back on
  • Plug in a regular computer monitor; if there is something wonky happening on the computer (the “Dell” box) plugging in a monitor will allow us to see what’s happening. Let us know what you see!
  • For more detailed troubleshooting steps, check out our “black screen” guide here

2. EHR link doesn’t work

  • Make sure each person who needs to view charts in ChartCapture, whether they do so through your EHR or directly on the ChartCapture website, has a user account in ChartCapture. Additionally, that username must match their username in your EHR
  • Take a look at the account number of the patient you are attempting to view then take a look in ChartCapture and see if a patient with the same account number exists there. If not, there may be a mismatch between account numbers. Get in touch!
  • If you’re getting some sort of error, copy and paste the whole thing (that’s right, the whole big honkin’ mess of it!!) and open a case with our Technical Suppor Team. When you fill out the case information, show us the error! Our crack team of EHR investigators will, well, investigate.

3. Scanner is jamming / seeing an error on the screen

Seeing an “Error 118”? Let us know right away - we can fix that!
  • Is the paper actually jamming? If so, make sure to tap the stack of paper on a desk before scanning, and watch out for staples and paper clips
  • Here’s the top-secret ChartCapture Support Secret Weapon™ (CCSSW): unplug the scanner, then plug it back in– but this time plug it in a different spot. 9 times out of 10 that will solve the issue!
  • An “error 102” or “error 104” usually means the computer can’t talk to the scanner. Make sure the scanner is turned on, totally awake (not sleeping on the job) and plugged into the computer (the “Dell” box)

 4. Need more users / user licenses

  • Have more folks who need some ChartCapture? No sweat! Give us a shout, let us know how many additional user licenses you need, and we’ll add them lickety-split. Once they are added, you can log in to your ChartCapture website and create the users.

5. ChartCapture isn’t running / blue screen with some icons / error on the screen

  • If you see something that looks mysteriously like a Windows desktop (i.e. there’s a recycle bin), often you can tap the “ScanStation.exe” icon to get ChartCapture running again
  • If you’re seeing an error like “Remote name cannot be resolved” or “Error 20,” make sure the computer (the “Dell” box) is plugged into a working internet connection. It wouldn’t hurt to reboot the computer too! If you’re still getting that error after a reboot, there’s a very good chance the problem is with your local network, and it may be time to get in touch with your IT team

6. Patients missing in ChartCapture