Paper Jams

Paper Jams

If you scan a lot of pages, sooner or later you’ll probably get a paper jam where the paper is physically stuck in the scanner. Don’t worry!

If you are seeing a paper jam error such as "Error 118", but the paper is not actually stuck in the scanner, there may be something else going on! Check out our Solutions to Common Hiccups article

No Big Deal

Got a paper jam? Most likely you’ll see an error on the screen. Don't fret– just follow the instructions on the screen.

Clear the Paper

Open up the scanner, pull out the paper, then close the scanner. Simple!

Get Back to Scanning

Once the paper is out and the scanner door is closed, hit “Continue” to keep scanning.

Great news: ChartCapture does not save mistakes. That means you don’t have to guess which papers made it into ChartCapture and which didn’t. If you get a paper jam, just rescan and you’ll be golden.

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