How to save a chart as a PDF file

How to save a chart as a PDF file

How to Save a Chart as a PDF File

Need to export a whole chart or part of a chart? No sweat! Here’s how.

First, bring up the chart you want to save.

Important: This may not work as described if you are accessing the chart via a shortcut link in your EHR. For best results, head over to your ChartCapture website and view the chart directly from your account.

Then, click the “print” button

Hot tip: It’s hiding under the “gear” butt

Choose which pages you’d like to save

If you choose “Select pages to print,” you can choose whatever pages you’d like.

Click the tabs on the right to move to different tabs, then click the checkboxes to select individual pages for printing. When you’re ready to output your “collection” of pages, click the shopping cart button.

At this point, the process varies depending on the kind of computer you are using.

Using a Mac? Sweet!

Macs have a cool built-in feature to save files as PDFs instead of printing.

In the Print Menu, choose “Save as PDF.” That’s it!

Using a Windows Computer? That’s cool too!

Windows doesn’t have the built-in ability to save a file to a PDF instead of printing. To do that, you’ll need to download and install a “PDF Printer” such as CutePDF [free software!]. Once installed, this “PDF Printer” will show up in your list of printers. To save to a file, simply print to CutePDF.


Never send PHI or any other sensitive information through insecure means such as email. Need a secure method to share? Try our FileShare feature!

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