How to Import a Patient List

How to Import a Patient List

Log in to your ChartCapture website. Once you’re in, look for the “Administration” tab and click it.

Then, as you might expect– Click on “Add/Edit Patients”


Meet the Import Wizard

That’s right– We think this feature is so cool we refer to it as “The Wizard.” It’s sort of like magic!

Click “Import Wizard” to get started.

Upload Your File

Here’s what you’ll see:

Click “Choose File” to find your patient list file.

Note: The Wizard will accept a few different types of files, but regular CSV files work best.

Once your file is chosen, click “Upload”!

The Wizard will start doing its thing…

… And will tell you when it’s ready. When you’re ready, hit “Next”!

Map the Fields

From drop down menus, you can select which field is applicable to each of the columns, which allows the Wizard to do its job correctly.

You must map first and last name, DOB, and the patient’s account number. Once these are mapped, you’re ready to go.

The Wizard will make sure your patients are uploaded correctly. At this point, the Wizard will give you a chance to examine your upload, then it will run an error check to make sure everything is correct.

Once your fields are mapped, you’re ready!

Review Your Upload

Note: The most common reason for errors is trying to add patients that already exist in the system. Patient records that error will not be imported into ChartCapture.

The Wizard will show you statuses about your upload while you are importing the patient files.


Click “Import” to get your patients into the Wizard. The Wizard will let you know its working on your patients.

The Wizard will do its thing, but if you want to get an update, click “refresh” and the Wizard will let you know how things are going. Depending on the size of your list, pretty soon the status will say “Complete.”