How to download files from the Aesto Health secure FTP server

How to download files from the Aesto Health secure FTP server

Before you begin, you'll need a few pieces of information. You'll need
  1. the domain:
  2. username: [provided to you by our team]
  3. encryption key: [a file provided to you by our team]
  4. encryption key passphrase (password): [provided to you by our team]
Once you have those, get yourself the fantastic FileZilla FTP client. You can download it here: 

Once you have FileZilla, run it and navigate to File > Site Manager...

Click "New site"

Enter in the information you collected earlier, except for the passphrase.
For the key file, click "Browser..." to find the file on your computer.
Once you've filled out the information, click "Connect"

You'll see a window that looks like the one below.

Don't worry, although it looks scary, it's safe to connect. Click "OK" to continue.

Enter the encryption key passphrase in the "Password" field, then click "OK"

FileZilla will connect to the server. Great job!

The left side of the screen is a file browser of your computer, and the right side is a file browser of the secure FTP server. You can think of those two sides as two "Windows Explorer" or "Mac Finder" windows, each showing files on a different computer.

To download files, you can either
  1. Right-click on the folder at the top of the right pane (the one labeled as "/") and choose "Download," or
  2. Left-click and drag that folder onto your computer in the left pane

Once the download starts, it may take a while.
This might be a good time to enjoy your favorite hot or cold beverage! ☕ 
Be sure the computer remains turned on and connected to the internet while the files are transferring

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