Exported Chart Organization

Exported Chart Organization

Closing your ChartCapture account?

You get your data.

It’s yours after all! If you choose to close your account, our team can provide you with a complete copy of your files in PDF format.

Here’s how it will be organized:

Each letter of the alphabet has its own folder (e.g. “S”)

Within each letter folder, each patient has their own folder named according to their account number.

Within each patient folder, each tab has its own PDF file named with the account number, patient name, DOB, fileroom name, and tab name (e.g. “001_Smith_Jane_06_14_1984_Medical_Imaging.pdf”)

Keep in Mind…

Your ChartCapture subscription includes the hosting of your scanned documents on our servers, visible to you and your users in our beautiful RealChartView– your charts look just like real charts. Your subscription also includes regular, automatic backups of your data in multiple locations.

If you cancel your ChartCapture subscription, your charts will no longer be available via the internet through our service or from within your EHR via our shortcut link, nor will they be backed up in multiple locations. The charts will no longer look like charts with tabs, etc.; they will simply be plain vanilla PDF files. You may do what you like with them, but please keep them safe.

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