eCW: Troubleshooting Link Issues

eCW: Troubleshooting Link Issues

This document is primarily intended for eCW Support Folks to provide some resolutions to some common issues.

Nothing happens when clicking the link

Has the ChartCapture link been installed on the eCW side? If nothing happens, most likely the link was not properly installed.

When the link is clicked a window opens up, but it says “can’t load the page”, “Sorry, you are not allowed…” or “You are not authorized to access this site”


A window opens up, but it just has an “8” (eight) or a “0” (zero)

This is probably due to the EMR IP address being wrong (or missing) on ChartCapture’s end. Please double check the external IP address of the customer’s server, and advise the ChartCapture Implementation team know of the issue you’re having.

If possible, send us the tomcat log files from the server– this can help us a great deal.

ChartCapture opens up, but it goes to the login screen

That means the username being sent from eCW to ChartCapture is not a valid user in ChartCapture. Let ChartCapture know what user is having this issue.

ChartCapture opens up, but it goes to a “patient search” screen

This means the patient number sent from eCW to ChartCapture cannot be found in ChartCapture’s database. Let ChartCapture know what eCW patient ID is having this issue.

A ChartCapture chart opens up, but it says “No documents in this section” or “This chart has not been scanned”

That’s ok– that simply means the customer hasn’t scanned that chart yet. That also means the link is working! Congratulations!

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