Adding and Editing Users

Adding and Editing Users

Each individual that needs access to ChartCapture Charts must have their own account with ChartCapture. It is simple to set up, but keep in mind that your ChartCapture Usernames must match your EHR Usernames.

If your usernames do not match, then your EMR link will not work.

You must be logged into your personal ChartCapture website ( and have Administrator capabilities.


Head over to your ChartCapture website, which is something like Login and you should see this:



You’ll see this:

To create a new user, click “Add New” and fill out the info.

Remember! Make sure every new username you create matches a username in your EMR!

To edit an existing user, click that user and edit the info:


If you want more users, let us know! Open a case and we’ll set you up with more user licenses.